The Audit Process

  1. Pre-Audit Planning
    1. Clearly explains expectations of audit process
    2. Schedules and assigns qualified, professional auditor
    3. Identifies needs and expectations specific to your company
    4. Communicates requirements to conduct a smooth audit process
    5. Non disclosure agreement between ICG and your company
  2. Audit
    1. Local auditors knowledgeable in local laws, customs and language
    2. Seek positive compliance - not an opportunity to elaborate failures
    3. Share best known practices adopted by leading, socially responsible companies
    4. Structured process
      1. Opening meeting · Explain events of the day to management
      2. Conduct of Audit
      3. Closing meeting to review findings, identify non-conformances and gain consent on corrective actions
  3. Post Audit
    1. Complete audit package
      1. Executive summary - highlights key points of audit
      2. Detailed Audit Report - reviewed for quality and content
      3. Non-conformance Report - Identifies improvement areas
      4. Corrective action summary - steps necessary to meet clients requirements
    2. Clear many non-conformances without the additional cost of a re-audit visit
    3. Timely delivery of audit package - within 3 to 5 business days

Reference Docs

ICG - Appeals Process.pdf
ICG - Certification process.pdf
ICG - Complaints Handling Process.pdf
ICG - Policy on Impartiality.pdf
ICG - Requests for Information.pdf
ICG - Use of Marks.pdf

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