About Human Rights Compliance

International Compliance Group (ICG) is a full service auditing and monitoring firm, founded in 1999. We are headquartered in San Diego, California with offices in Birmingham-Alabama, Charlotte-North Carolina, Miami-Florida, Mexico City-Mexico, San Pedro Sula-Honduras, Shenzhen-China, Ho Chi Minh City-Vietnam, Chennai-India and Dhaka-Bangladesh. Our staff members have degrees in human relations, sociology, psychology, engineering, law and management. ICG is uniquely qualified to help labor-intensive industries meet today's challenges of social responsibility. Our Staff has unequal experience. They have:

What makes us different

More and more companies have actively become socially aware of their responsibilities and faced with protecting their reputations and their market share. Stock holders and consumers are demanding that the companies meet these responsibilities. Companies are required to protect or even enhance their brand image by manufacturing under lawful and ethical workplace conditions and demonstrating humane treatment of workers and that of their subcontractors and suppliers.

International Compliance Group will help you achieve your corporate social responsibility objectives

Human Rights Compliance is provided by the Integrated Consulting Group
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