Benefits of Social Compliance

Operate in countries with poor human rights records

Social Compliance will allow you to operate in countries with poor social compliance records by establishing best practices. After doing so your company will gain prestigious acceptance as a socially-conscious company even in countries where abuses can be common.

Increased Brand Enhancement

Your branding is important in the global marketplace. Untoward attention surrounding your brands can have a devastating effect on sales and even affect share prices. Human rights activists seek out well-known brands and look for ways of leveraging that brand to further their agendas. Social compliance certification will weaken these attempts and will also build stronger consumer loyalty and confidence.

Better Shareholder Relations

Investors are becoming savvier about the companies they invest in. Companies that are revealed to have poor social compliance record have had share prices plummet as a result. Social Compliance Certification will help to insulate your share prices from these negative perceptions. Similarly, many mutual fund directors look for companies that have compliance policies and certification. Inclusion in these funds can help with share price as well as provide third-party validation of your policies.

Meeting Client Requirements

It is becoming more common that large companies are requiring conformance to socially accepted behavior from the manufacturers and suppliers they do business with. Social Compliance Certification in global and industry initiatives (SA8000, Wrap, FLA, etc.) will provide your company the potential to market and work with these companies.

Employee Retention, Increased Quality and Productivity

It costs time and money to hire and train personnel. A best practices policy in addition to Social Compliance Certification will allow you to retain the employees you invest in. Personnel that have a greater sense of dignity will have better morale and loyalty to the company they work for, thereby increasing employee retention. A higher retention rate will increase productivity and quality through enhanced performance. There will also be greater efficiency, less waste, fewer defects and a reduction in accidents.

Improved Management

Invest in your management by providing them training and ideals of best practices. This will help you to define their responsibilities which will lead to stronger management.

Protect Reputation

Companies that receive negative media attention for social compliance infractions end up spending more time and money attempting to overcome the lost business than they would have by getting the certification in the first place. Some even accrue even stiff fines. The larger your company the more you have to lose. Your company's reputation can be a significant part of your overall value, and protecting that reputation can be as simple as obtaining a Social Compliance Certification. You will also want to protect your personal exposure to derivative lawsuits.

Develop new markets and customers

As a Socially Compliant company you will be able to leverage your certification and differentiate yourself from your competitors. You will be able to use your new certification to attract new, positive attention to your company and brand thereby attracting new customers and markets. You will also improve current customer loyalty and confidence.

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